Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Houston Marijuana Charge Lawyer Andy Nolen Explains What Your facing Next

Houston Marijuana Charge Lawyer Andy Nolen has been on the case in Texas for over 20 years.
Houston Marijuana Charge Lawyer
In that time he has represented more than 3000 clients and also had hundreds of these cases dismissed completely.

Getting guilty of an offense concerning drugs of any sort has very considerable potential ramifications, therefore leaving your case to chance could come to be a huge mistake. Attorney Andy Nolen has worked on all types of drug cases though most commonly they are marijuana possession cases.

Nolen believes there are 5 things you need to know when faced with a marijuana possession charge:

1.The most standard way marijuana cases are beaten are either that there had been an Illegal Search and Seizure or possibly that there was lack of Affirmative Links between a defendant and the drugs. If the search was bad, the evidence can be suppressed. Affirmative Links arguments are situations similar to when there are 4 people in a car and the state can’t verify the drugs belonged to any particular person. Also recognized as, "It was the other guy not me."

2. A conviction regarding marijuana possession may result in your losing eligibility for several forms of federal grants for school. Some schools may expel you if the drug offense was committed on school property. Thus not only can you lose your drivers license, you may also lose your diploma.
3. Marijuana residue such as tiny quantities in a pipe or bag is a felony if it really is a controlled substance. Marijuana has to be a useful amount to be a criminal offense.

4. In the event you have already been charged with a marijuana drug crime, it's nearly a guarantee that you'll be screened for drugs at some time. That will probably be while your on bond and even the first time you go to court. Marijuana could possibly stay in your system for up to 6 weeks. Products produced to beat the system don't work, so don’t count on them. Don’t do drugs of any type while on bond or you risk having your bond revoked and going to jail. Also, you don't want to appear to be an active drug consumer to the court making your case much more problematic.

5. A marijuana drug conviction in Texas will result in the loss of your drivers license. That will then add surcharges and reinstatement fees that can go beyond $1000. You will also need to take the Drug Offender Education Program (D.O.E.P.).

This class is for individuals who have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug offense. This class will meet the requirement for education mainly because of a revoked driver’s license. The standardized program is 15 hours in duration taught in three-hour segments.

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