Saturday, March 21, 2015

Be Strong and Courageous, Says Houston Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen

Be strong and courageous. ~Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV
Houston Criminal Attorney
Houston Criminal Attorney

Houston Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen represents clients who languish in crowded jails awaiting trial. Many of these clients get shipped hundreds of miles away to jails in other states even though they are presumed to be innocent. In other words, their pretrial detention is their punishment.
 Many of these men and women have jobs, lives and children they desperately want to get back to. Therefore, even though they continue to maintain their innocence, after a week or a month in jail they are wanting to plea guilty just to get out of jail. 
Good Houston Criminal Attorneys counsel them to go to trial and not to give up their valuable constitutional rights.  Hire an experienced Houston Criminal Attorney to get the best result.

 Andy Nolen has practiced law for 22 years and has represented over 3000 clients and had hundreds of cases dismissed. He has successfully helped people with all types of cases from misdemeanors to 1st degree felonies.   Please call Attorney Andy Nolen to talk about your case for free at 832-480-8951